Last year I found this amazing initiative @yourbestlife they were giving a scholarship with all-expenses-covered giving the opportunity to accelerate personal and professional growth while traveling humanely around the world for 6 months.

Of course, when I saw that, I did not think twice to apply for this scholarship I was dreaming to be part of this. This dream didn’t come true (yet) remember don’t be afraid to dream big. 

I still dreaming of one day collaborate, work, or do something with these guys because what they do it just amazing.

They just made me believe again on me. I was right. Live the best life is possible when you find that balance of doing what you love, giving back to the wold, and get filled with deep human connections.

One of the ways to find that is traveling, because travel opens our minds and it makes us better human beings. (Swipe left)

I recommend you 10000% to be part of this amazing community learn from them. I totally believe we can all live our best life.



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