Today we are supporting this amazing dream and it is an example from being a dreamer to a doer. 🚀

Today they are celebrating the launch of The Aequaland storytelling disrupter game app. This app storytelling into a modern art form that packs equal parts of imagination, education, and intrigue! Their stories are like a classic fairytale for the new age. The stories are for children aged 3-6-9. They have activities that enable children to discover their passions, foster their differences and learn that it’s possible to live their dream. 💙🚀

I feel so connected with this dream I share the same vision that education is the key to change the world to a better place for our future generation.

You can download now the app and start playing with your kids.

We wish you all the success to @aequaland thank you for believing in your dreams and create this amazing project. 👏🏻👏🏻

Dreamer: Aequaland team

Q: What is your dream?

A: Our dream is to create an equal world, where children can dream, enact, and ultimately become whoever they want.

Q: Why is this dream important to you?

A: We need to focus on the present to change the future.
Children are the future, and we want to educate children to be creative change-makers. We strongly believe that education is the key to change the world to a better place for our future generation.

Q: How will your dream impact the world or a person?

A: We believe that our educational story games and activities can teach kids to envision the world differently. We want children to celebrate diversity and inclusion, and value uniqueness.

Q: What advice can you give other people that are gathering the courage to follow their dreams?

A: If you have a dream, don’t be afraid to take action. You will never know the results if you never try. It is also important to know your goal because pursuing a dream is not easy. You will have a lot of failures and fall downs, but that’s the path to success. If you never fail, you will never learn. Always remember, in the end, all the hard work, will be worth it.

Q: How can other people support you in making a difference with your dream?

At the moment we are trying to grow our community and supporters. We would like to connect with more like-minded individuals and parents.

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