Here is another good example of why is so important to share our dreams.

Almost one year ago Luisa shared her dream with me about creating this community and I totally loved the idea. Since that day every time that we talk I was telling her to do it.

Wohoo finally, she opened her blog but the good news is by sharing her dream now she is not doing alone, she found a friend who shares the same interest and now are 2 amazing humans sharing love letters.

Read below what Luisa shared with us.

Dreamer: Luisa

Footmarks of love is more than a name. It is a way of living, a mindset. I chose this name because my goal is to leave footmarks of love – wherever I go.

I want to create a community to talk about, share and spread love. I want to connect with likeminded beautiful human beings – to make this world a better place.

On my blog, I share personal stories and love letters addressed to beautiful souls that had an impact on me.
They are also addressed to you. I want to share these letters with you and encourage you to think about your own impact on other people and people that had an impact on you.

Tell them, write them and spread the message!

Love is Life 

And guess what: I’m happy to announce that the footmarksoflove community grew already.

It’s two of us now, spreading the most important message there is and working on a workshop to support and inspire others to do so.

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