We dream of bringing together women who want to connect, cowork, and contribute to each other’s successes.

This dream is the perfect example of what sharing dreams mean.

Last year I was dreaming of being part of a community. I found this group call Women Co. I joined them, not quite knowing what this group was about.

After that meeting, I felt so happy to meet like-minded women I felt inspired and empowered so I knew that I wanted to become part of this.

After few meetings, one day I was chatting with Magda (Co-Founder), when she shared with me her dream of what she wanted to do with Women Co, she was trying to give Women Co a boost, and we talked about designing a new website to better connect the community. 

My dream of being part of a community was coming true, I just loved the idea and said I would love to do it. And this is how I became part of the Women Co team.

We are 4 women who share the same dream of creating a coworking community with an emphasis on connection, support, and education. A community that strives to provide women with a safe space to cowork, collaborate, network and learn from each other. 

Thanks to we share our dreams we are building this community every day and working in other dreams to make those come true.


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