We dream of a world where African communities thrive, trading on equal terms with the rest of the world. 🌎

If you check out day 1 of sharing dreams you will see that one of my biggest dreams it so support local artisans. 💙

That’s why I am sharing this dream today. A few months ago through a social enterprise event, I found this amazing initiative @proudlymadeinafrica 🙌🏻

They are a social enterprise where they promote Africa’s Finest Food and fashion producer globally.

They support ready-to-retail African producers by connecting international trade buyers and promoting the importance of value-added trade in poverty reduction.

So if you are a buyer looking to set up your own brand, check out this initiative, and support the local producers. 💙👊🏻🌎

Support this dream

Website: https://www.proudlymadeinafrica.org/


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