You might know already how much I love to support local artisans, right? 😃 Well here is a beautiful story behind this dream and this pic.👆🏻

A few days ago I went to visit a friend another city here in Ireland and as I always say you attract the people that vibes the same as you, so my friend, like me, she loves to support local artisans 💙

She brought us to this place Terrybaun Pottery. It is the oldest pottery in Ireland. Terrybaun fired its first kiln in August 1950 😱 in the remote and beautiful location by the lakes of Pontoon, County Mayo. The site of these first and subsequent firings was chosen by owners Grattan Freyer and his French-born wife, Madeleine Giraudeau. The pottery ran for thirty-three years under their direction and is now owned by Madeleine’s nephew Henri Hedou and his wife, Fiona.

So I had the opportunity to meet Henri an amazing man who totally loves what he does. It was so cool to listen to his story and see how happy he was having us that day there.

He doesn’t have social media. He said “I don’t know how does work” 😅 all the promotion that he gets is from the local people who live there.

He is happy doing pottery, welcoming people, chatting with them, and surrounded by spectacular mountains and lakes.

Why am I sharing this today? because he is an inspiration, I am want to see more people doing what they love as he does.

He was so grateful for my friend who bought some pottery that he gave us as a gift this little piece. I will take it with me as beautiful memories of that day. 💙

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