Our dream is to support small businesses. 👊🏻

One of the principal values of Sharing dreams is giving back. I believe there is always a way of giving back to our community. 💙

We are here to support each other’s dreams, together we can create something better. 🙌🏻

That’s why when I found this initiative I said I have to share it. @smallbizheroes created this platform in response to the 2019 global health crisis caused by COVID-19. Where small businesses around the globe are at risk of permanently shutting down, they came up with the idea of connecting “small biz” who requires support with skilled professionals that can provide their specified services for free.

You can check out their website and become today a Hero for one of that small biz who dreams continue building their dreams.

Support this dream

Website: https://smallbizheroes.co/


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