My dream is to reach that flow-state every day in my work. When I draw I forget about time and it’s the one activity where I don’t feel like I should be somewhere else, be doing something else or multitasking. I feel absolutely complete and in the zone.. ultimately I also like working and being self-sufficient. Not relying on anyone else for financial stability or life satisfaction. ✨

Today’s dream comes from my friend Celia @c.m.c.c.d.e.s.i.g.n We used to work together two years ago and I remember our workdays talking about our dreams/plans, we weren’t really clear about what we wanted. 🤔

To find your dreams, sometimes you have to take the time for you. Try different things until get what you really want.💙

That’s why one day she decided to move to Australia, looking for an adventure and to try different things. 🌏

On her way, she found her passion for drawing. It makes her feels present. Now she is building her dreams by doing what she loves, draw. 💛

I can’t wait to have her back to get one of her designs. @c.m.c.c.d.e.s.i.g.n


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