Today’s dream comes from Kavitha @isifiso_clothing. I had an amazing chat with her (Swipe left to see the video 👉🏻)

What I love more about this project is to have the opportunity to listen to many stories of dreamers. People who want to make change in the world. 💙🌎

isifiso. means “destiny” or “choice”. The name represents the journey of the fabrics they use, the life and purpose of the people behind the fibers and the outfits created from those fibers. It also signifies the karmic turn of events because of which this company exists.

She believes sustainability starts at home with everyday products. That’s why they make home and personal reusable products that are a great alternative for single-use items that reduce the demand on natural resources and cuts down on items entering the landfill.🙌🏻🌱

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