“To encourage them to follow that crazy idea that makes them feel excited, and to give it the importance it deserves.”

Today I am sharing Mafe’s dream. She is a graphic designer, animator, and of course a big dreamer. She has a beautiful 100% creative project called @madebymafer.

She wants to courage people to follow their dreams through all the tools that she gets along the way and also through her amazing story. You have to listen to it and you will understand why she is a big dreamer (Swipe to see).

DREAMS was the word that connected Mafe and I. This project has made me meet incredible people like Mafe. We met each other through Instagram and it took just an hour to feel that we knew each other from the past. 

We are connected by the same dream. We want to empower you to keep dreaming. Your dream is who you are and you should pursue it!

Mafe is following her dreams by doing something that she loves. She is so talented. And she made an amazing illustration of Sharing Dreams.

So If you connect with her story and her beautiful work I encourage you to follow her, be part of her amazing community, get inspired every day with her content. I am sure you won’t regret it.

Thank you Mafe for sharing your work with us and for being part of this community. 

Dreamer: Mafe (@madebymafe)

Q: What is your dream?

A: My dream is to help people to dream. To encourage them to follow that crazy idea that makes them feel excited, and to give it the importance it deserves.

Q: Why is this dream important to you?

A: Because following one big dream not only gave me a purpose, but made me a better, stronger and happier person. It changed my life so much, that It made me understand the power of dreaming, something that I want to share with someone who may need it.

Q: How will your dream impact the world or a person?

A: Having the courage to follow what fulfills you can change your life and everyone who surrounds you as well. It creates a better version of yourself. Someone who wakes up excited about life, and who impacts more people’s lives just by doing what she/he loves. A small change that ends up being like a ripple effect.

Q: What advice can you give other people that are gathering the courage to follow their dreams?

A: To enjoy the journey, even when there are challenging days. These ones, in fact, are the ones who make us stronger. You will realise that the goal is not as important as WHO you will become once you get there. That better version of yourself is what the world needs.

Q: How can other people support you in making a difference with your dream?

A: By joining and sharing my project. I just started and I want my story and messages to reach someone who may need them, so that person can believe in their own dreams.

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