Today’s dream is a special one. I am sharing Helena’s dream from @artaxdreams . (There is already a connection here DREAMS haha😃)

I met her two years ago in Dublin. We just connected really easily when we started talking about our passion for travel and also when she mentioned to me that she was an artist. When she showed me her work I just loved and I could see how talented she was.

She was one of the first people I contacted to be part of this project.

I want to support her work and encourage her to keep doing it, so I came up with the idea and asked her to paint my logo on one of my jean jackets.

And here is the result. I LOVE IT.

Thank you so much for this Helena you are an amazing artist. ❤️

Dreamer: Helena Mayorga

Q: What is your dream?

A: My dream is being able to do what I like most and at the same time make the people’s wishes come true. I’m an artist so a few years ago I started this business project painting on fabrics items, especially converse style shoes. I wanted at that time to use the art to be seen as functional things that you can use and wear, and in that way, wearing art.

Q: Why is this dream important to you?

A: Because to make people happy, make me feel happy too. I´m my normal life I do enjoy help people and feeling that I´m uselful for them. So If I bring that to my passion and my work… it´s practically the same. The people order from me something that they want, normally as a present for someone special for them . When I paint such a special and unique product, and they see what it was at first in their mind and then they come true… they just love it and they have a really emotive reactions. That is the most gratifying for me, because I cant help connect with them during that process and fill myself with that happiness and good energy too.

Q: How will your dream impact the world or a person?

A: I think Art is necessary in this messy world, so chaotic with such a big lack of humanity sometimes. Art and culture bring us happiness and let us remember again how wonderful the world is and how it´s seen through others´eyes. I want to think that I help to bring that happiness back somehow, when the people are wearing those art pieces on them, and spreading them out being seen for more people.
Also, having an exclusive and unique “piece of art” made for you and just for you, from someone you appreciate, make yourself feel special, loved, and unique for that person too. So in either case, you will feel cheerful and full of happiness.

Q: What advice can you give other people that are gathering the courage to follow their dreams?

A: Just start to do it. Don’t wait till you think is perfect enough to begin, because you are never gonna feel it´s ready! so no point! You will get that perfection while you are building it, in that process, but you need to give yourself that chance to do it, without fear. I guarantee is not gonna be easy, it will be hard, but your passion is the only thing that will fill your soul, being worth it enough. So try it, at least try.
If you don’t try you will never know how it could be. Follow your dreams!

Q: How can other people support you in making a difference with your dream?

A: If they can’t afford any of my items, they can share my work over social media platforms, showing in the real-life to their friends and acquaintances around them, and speak about my work. Basically make them being seen more. Or the best way is to get any of my handpainted items.

So if you love it as I do, follow her, support her dream or better ask her to make a special design for you. She loves to make your wishes come true. Support this dream



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