I dream of writing a book to inspire millions of people to be a better person every day.

We all have dreams. It might be dreams that we have not come true, but we are working on that. Sometimes we need support or inspiration to keep going.

That’s why today I sharing Ada’s dream. Her passion is to write. So, when I was in Vietnam I came across an amazing shop from a local artisan and I bought this beautiful notebook as a gift for my friend. 

I know how much she loves to write, It was my way to support and empower her to keep writing and to make her dreams come true.

As she said in the video

” If I want to publish a book or two or a hundred, I have to be constant and patient, I must nurture my creativity, add a touch of wisdom and most importantly self-confidence.” 

Dreams won’t come true if you don’t have the courage to work on them. I want to empower my friend and you to keep working on your dreams, sometime it might not be easy but doing what you love, worth it!

Hands up,  those ones who are ready to work on their dreams.


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