Today I am sharing Karin’s dream co-founder @lanoliaskincare. I met Karin in a coworking section a few months ago. When I mentioned her about my project she was so kind and she offered me to have a chat in brainstorming about my project.

Also, I learned more about what she was doing and today I want to share her dream. 

Karin joined her mother to build their skincare company Lanolia, which is based in Kerry, Ireland.

Lanolia specialises in natural cosmeceuticals (cosmetics made with bio-active ingredients). Their creams are incredibly powerful at helping people with dry skin. 

They love helping people with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis to feel amazing in their skin again. 

If you have been suffering from dry skin because of over-washing, you should definitely check out their hand cream. 

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