Today’s dream comes from one of our members of this community. I met Maria through this project. We had a call to share our dreams/projects and we realized that we have many things in common (this what happens when you share your dreams 😉).

Maria is the founder of a project that she created in 2018 in Brooklyn NY.

Antevasin believes that these practices could make the world a better place by improving the lives of its individuals, that’s why they promote educational and practical wellness resources as well as specific curated events & bilingual programs that are inclusive and accessible for all the community.

The Antevasin is an in-betweener, a border-dweller; one who lives in sight of both worlds but looks toward the unknown. A scholar who dwells near that simmering line between old thinking and new understanding, always in a state of learning. This is the border that is always moving, and this is us.

What I love about Maria’s project is that they want to work in inclusivity and accessibility in wellness spaces, so they created “Wellness scholarship program”. They want to give back to the community.

This Program invites BIPOC + Venezuelan Residents to participate in their class, workshop, and course.

If you want to know more about this program check out

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