When you start working on your Dreams, the universe surrounds you with the correct people.

Today I am sharing Stephanie’s dream, she is the founder of StichAway Designs, Handmade Embroidery Accessories.

I met her at the beginning of the year at an event in Miami, when we start talking about our projects we connected immediately.

Part of her designs come from a beautiful work made by talented indigenous women artisans in Guatemala as she is partnered with a fair trade organization that not only helps artisans get pay fairly but its the opportunity to provide indigenous women the ability to use her skills to support their families.

These kinds of projects were exactly what I was looking for Sharing Dreams. So I contacted Stephanie to share her story with us.

Dreamer: Stephanie Alvarez

Q: What is your dream?

A: Bringing creativity to the world in a sustainable way and ethically paying third world country workers.

Q: Why is this dream important to you?

A: I believe everyone deserves respect and love. So for me, every process of my products is important to reflect it. From ethically paying workers to customizing the last finishes of the product for the customers. And I have also fallen in love with the million possibilities with embroidery.

Q: How will your dream impact the world or a person?

A: Bringing positivity through my products message. Ethical work opportunities for the artisans, meaning sustaining families ethically. Less pollution. And best receiving a product that can have a loving message engraved in the back of the necklaces.

Q: How are you making this dream come true?

A: I have partnered so far with a fair trade organization. My goal is to expand to more fair trade organizations and having an actual store. Giving people a full on experience.

Q: What advice can you give other people that are gathering the courage to follow their dreams?

A: Go for it! Sometimes the process can be long but the reward is so worth it! And I strongly believe that if we have the right motives it will come fully alive one day! This world is all about making it a better world. Helping one another in some way or another.

Q: How can other people support you in making a difference with your dream?

A: By buying my products people help out people. Meaning more third world artisans are able to sustain their families from an ethical pay and care labor.

Support this dream

Website: stitchawaydesigns.com

Etsy: stitchawaydesign.etsy.com

Instagram: StitchAway Designs

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