Our mission is to empower you to dream and to help you make those dreams come true.

We believe in the power of making a social impact, and we know it all starts with a dream

One person alone might not be able to change the world but together we can.

The world leaders at the United Nations Assembly, agreed on a plan to significantly change the world for the better by 2030. They globally committed to take action on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

We want to share dreams that are identifying and supporting on these Global Goals so that together, we can boost their impact, share their stories and contribute to the global challenges we all face.

Hi there, I am Francy a Venezuelan girl who moved to Dublin to follow her dreams, what started as a 6-month adventure abroad to study English became something a little more permanent. Dublin opened its doors to me and became my new home.

Living abroad has given me a whole different experience and something that taught me, not only a huge amount about a different country, but a huge amount about myself. It showed me skills that I didn’t think that I had and I discovered my beliefs passion and my character.

Traveling, connecting and helping others, that’s what I love and makes me feel alive. I have seen many stories of people who are creating good things in the world, embracing empathy and giving time to a greater cause and I decided that I wanted to be part of this.

How can I help others? How can I make a difference? How can I use my talents and skills to impact someone’s life?. Those were the questions I started asking myself. I have had this idea of helping others for so long but I wasn’t sure  how I could use my skills and my talents to make this come true.

Sometimes we might think the impact that we have as an individual is insignificant but you are significant. If every person made a positive change, then the accumulative effect would be huge.

If you could make any change in the world, however small, what would be?

One person alone might not be able to change the world but together we can. Are you with me?

Let’s share our stories, connect with the world and make a difference.

The beginning of Sharing Dreams​

Sometimes I hear from people,  “don’t share your dreams someone can copy them” or ” if you share your dreams they might not come true”.

But what if you share your dreams and someone connects with your idea and help you to make your dreams come true?

This is how my friend connected with a dream that I had 3 years ago, she helps me out to create a logo for the project I had at that moment, she was so happy to help me out with that 🙌🏻

We spent all day together sharing ideas for that project. At the end of the day, we took that pic and I wrote “Sharing Dreams” and I told her, thank you for sharing dreams with me ❤️

Since that moment I always had those words in my mind and I wanted to create a project related to it. 

Here I am after 3 years, finally, I had the courage to believe more in this dream and now I want to inspire and help other people to build their dreams too 🙌🏻✨

Believing in you and your ideas is so important but to have people around that believe in you is a key.